Turkish German University – Germany/Turkey


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Official Project Page:
Participants (Institutions):
Anadolu University, Eskişehir/Turkey
RheinMain University of Applied Sciences, Wiesbaden/Germany
DAAD German Academic Exchange Service

Participants (Personal):
Professor Christine Wagner, RheinMain University, Wiesbaden/Germany
Lecturer Dipl. Des. Klaus Eckert RheinMain University, Wiesbaden/Germany
Project Assistent Dipl. Des. Stefanie Leuze, RheinMain University, Wiesbaden/Germany
Professor T. Fikret Uçar, Anadolu University, Eskişehir/Turkey
Lecturer Dipl. Cemalettin Yıldız, Anadolu University, Eskişehir/Turkey
8 Students from RheinMain University, Wiesbaden/Germany
8 Students from Anadolu University, Eskişehir/Turkey

The German-Turkish University (DTU) is an outstanding international project of both countries – expanding the traditional relationship and the strong economical connections between Turkey and Germany to the sector of academic education. As a brand new institution in the market the university needs a competitive brand strategy and a professional visual appearance, which is attracting attention in both cultural surroundings.

Design Project:
The basic idea in this proposal is to create various Corporate Design ideas within a collaborative Turkish German project – according to the intercultural structure of the new university. During spring term 2011 Turkish and German design students would work in mixed teams under the supervision of Turkish and German project leaders and accompanied by Corporate Identity experts of both countries.

Process of The Project
The project needs to start in March with a joint workshop in Turkey to meet the new rector in Istanbul and discuss the briefing. Within a one-week-workshop at Anadolu University in Eskişehir the students will start working on the concept and the basic design elements of the Corporate Identity. During the visit a local corporate design professional in Istanbul will give a lecture and discuss ideas with the students in addition to the lectures held by the project leaders.
A second meeting in May will be necessary to continue and complete the project work. This time the Turkish group will travel to Wiesbaden and visit RheinMain University. Like in Turkey before the students will meet corporate design experts in Wiesbaden to get a lecture and comments on their works and visit a renowned design agency. If possible within this second workshop the students will present the results of the competition to a jury, which should consist of representatives of the German-Turkish University, the involved institutions (DAAD, etc.) and professional design consultants.
Between the meetings the student teams will continue collaboration by using the internet for managing communication from the distance. A web page will be set for the project and all the group leaders will be able to follow the project and progress via web.
The collaborative process of producing design concepts together in mixed teams of German and Turkish junior designers will leave a unique intercultural experience to all participants. Generally spoken the project will give an impression of the future atmosphere at the German-Turkish University as an institution at the intersection between the two countries and cultures.
As a case study and to keep the first steps of the young university in memory, a book will be produced after the project. The best 3 teams will receive a grant as tribute and royalty rate.


Team 1: İlkay Berk Gül- Stefanie Leuze /
Team 2: Ahmet Kökbudak – Anil Şakar /
Team 3: F. Burak Evlice – Sarah Jokhosha /
Team 4: İsmail Anıl Güzeliș – Karolina Zgodzinski /
Team 5: Emrah Şatıroğlu – Alessia Mandanici /
Team 6: Mert Serbest – Dominic Valentiner /
Team 7: Ziya Gökhan Apaydın – Mareike Stahl /
Team 8: Ceyhun Aksan – Ronja Scheidel