Grafist 8

Project Brief:
Signs… Everywhere, day and night, conductive, informative… Concepts, abstract images. Is it possible to design or comment that visual imagery almost embedded to our life? Can sign and symbols be converted to new way of expressing some ideas? May this starting point become a way of telling a personal statement, local or global expression?.. Choose a subject, concept or event. Analyze this subject with relations of traffic signs. Make 2 design on your concepts. Aim to approach the problem with logical, commentary, unique and creative way. These 2 design might have some contrast, such as before-after, start-end, positive-negative, do-not to do etc. Do not forget that your both design is not going to be visible at same time. They will be printed on both side of a t-shirt (front and back). Please remember that you can communicate explaining an abstract concept, personal statement, international or global problems from your point of view.

The aim of this project is to create a unique and creative way to explain the subject, more than design a sign. In your design signs might be just a starting point or a detail of your work. You are totally free of using any kind of visualization technique, there is no limit. If you wish you may use a slogan with your design.