Tevfik Fikret Uçar was born in Istanbul, Turkey. He received his BFA in Graphic Design in 1988 from Marmara University, School of Fine Arts and Design in Istanbul. He was awarded a Turkish Government Research Scholarship to attend Art Center College of Design, Communication Design Department, in Switzerland, where he received his Advanced Degree in 1990. He received his MFA from Anadolu University, School of Fine Arts and Design, in Eskisehir, Turkey in 1991, with the thesis “Symbols, Icons, Pictograms and Their Use in Packaging Design.” In 1993 he received his Doctoral Equivalent for Art and Design from Anadolu University, with the doctoral thesis “Packaging Design as a Visual Communication Media.”

Professor Uçar is a full Professor in the Anadolu University School of Fine Arts and Design, and Chairman of the Graphic Design Department. He also works as design consultant at the University. He is Design Director of Anadolu University School of Distance Education textbook publication.

From 1993-95 Uçar was a Vice Dean of the School of Fine Arts and Design. In 1994 he was a member of the Administration Board of the School of Fine Arts and Design. From 1994-95 Professor Uçar was a member of the Administration Board of the Turkish Graphic Designers Association. In 1995 he was the Design Consultant for the Turkish Grand National Assembly, designing the 75th anniversary symbol, poster, and stamp. From 1996-98 he was the Design Director for the Turkish Education Volunteers Foundation. From 1998-99 Professor Uçar was a Visiting Scholar at San Diego State University, School of Art, Design and Art History.

Uçar has won numerous national design awards, including the Symbol and Corporate Identity of the Bursa Subway System Competition. He has designed several publications for the City of Eskisehir and has juried national design competitions. He has also lectured and conducted numerous design workshops in cities including Istanbul (Turkey), Beijing (China), San Diego (California), Wiesbaden (Germany), Seul (Soulth Korea), Gent (Belgium),Lefkose (North Cyprus) and Ahmadabad (India). He has published a book, “Visual Comminication and Graphic Design,” and written several articles in national and international publications.